2. KüNO-Jahrestagung - Programm

16th November 2014

Please note: this is the final programme, however changes might occur due to unforeseen events/practicalities

Time Presentation Speaker
11.30 h Registration & light lunch  
12.15 h Welcome Address Ulrich Bathmann
12.30 - 15.30 h Overview KüNO Projects
12.30 h Overview North Sea Observation and Assessment of Habitats (NOAH) –Results from modelling, mapping & expeditions  Frank Bockelmann &
Kay Emeis
13.00 h Overview SECOS – The Service of Sediments in German Coastal Seas Ulrich Bathmann
13.30 h BACOSA - Phosphorus Flows, Ecological Status and Ecosystem Services in the Darß-Zingst Bodden Chain  Hendrik Schubert,
Uni Rostock
14.00 h Modelling food webs and habitats of the coastal zone of the North Sea - integrating geological and ecological data in STopP  Stefan Garthe,
FTZ Westküste, Uni Kiel
14.30 h MOSSCO:
Benthic – pelagic coupling in the German Bight
Kai Wirtz & Carsten Lemmen,
15.00 h Umbrella project:
KüNO Data portal – a contribution to the marine research data infrastructure

Ralf Bill,
STZ Geoinformatik Rostock
15.30 - 16.00 h Coffee break
16.00 - 17.00 h Invited lectures
16.00 h Risk Assessment and Management  Roland Cormier,
Ecorisk Mgmt Inc./ HZG
16.30 h Sachstand der Umsetzung Europäische Meeresstrategie-Rahmenrichtlinie (MSRL) und Ausblick  Jochen Krause,
BfN, Vilm
17.00 - 18.30 h Breakout Discussion Groups (in parallel sessions)
BDG 1 The North and Baltic Sea – a comparison of systems and relevance for modelling
Lecture hall
Convenor: Hans Burchard, IOW
BDG 2 Risk Assessment and Management
Seminar room 227
Convenor: Rabea Diekmann & Gerd Kraus, TI  
BDG 3 Social conditions for economic valuation of biological diversity
Seminar room DWD-Villa
Convenor: Marion Kruse & Felix Müller, CAU Kiel
BDG 4 Foodwebs
Convenor: Irmgard Blindow, Uni Greifswald
BDG 5 Benthic – pelagic processes
Director‘s office
Convenor: N.N.  
BDG 6 KüNO research data and portal
Central computer room
Convenor: Nicole Schmidt, IOW
18.30 h Conference dinner