Workshop 'Data sharing in marine research'


KüNO Online Workshop ‘Data sharing in marine research’

29 September, 2021

1 to 4 pm


FAIR (Findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable) and Open Data facilitates scientific collaboration, increases the efficiency of research and strengthens public trust into science. To encourage the scientists of the KüNO consortium to share their data, this workshop will give an introduction into data publishing and data search.

After an overview of guiding principles of research data management, the participants will get a practical guide how to publish their own data according to FAIR and Open principles. In the second part of the workshop the Data Portal German Marine Research will be introduced and hands-on exercises on specific tasks will be performed in breakout groups. This should not only teach the participants how to work with the portal, but also give the developers of the portal feedback on user-needs and how the portal can be further optimized.

The number of participants is limited to 30 persons (first come, first served). Participation is free. This workshop is organized in cooperation with the DAM core area ‘Data management and Digitalization’.



Gauvain Wiemer (DAM)
The basics and benefits of research data management
Marie Ryan (Hereon)
  • Deepening talks in breakout rooms (participants can choose between rooms)
   Room 1: Data management workflows for campaigns and model data
   Room 2: Data management workflows for experiment and model data
Linda Baldewein (Hereon)
Hela Mehrtens (GEOMAR)
Flavia Höring (MARUM)
Coffee break
Find and access (interoperable) marine data for re-use with the Data Portal German Marine Research


  • Hands-on exercises in breakout groups (participants are automatically assigned to groups)


  • Evaluation and Discussion
Robin Hess (AWI)
Karen Albers (AWI)
Wrap-up and Feedback
Gauvain Wiemer (DAM)




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