Poster room 4: Biological interactions (click on the posters for a close-up)

Maité Guignard, Eileen Heße, Kim Ludwig, Raquel Marques, Anja Singer:

Spatio-temporal analysis of traits within taxonomic groups (BioWeb)

Katharina Kesy, Anne Brauer, Mia M. Bengtsson:

Sediment-, hydrodynamic, - and microbial properties influencing seagrass restoration (SeaStore)

Vanessa Russnak, Kirstin Dähnke:

Effects of perturbed nutrient ratios on estuarine N-regeneration (BluEs)

Poster room 4

Jesse Theilen, Ralf Thiel:

Feeding ecology and growth of fishes - a contribution to the analysis of functional diversity and food webs in the Elbe and Odra estuaries (BluEs)