Download area for KüNO products

KüNO creates scientific foundations for the sustainable use of natural resources in the coastal regions of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The networking of the competencies and capacities of the institutions represented in KüNO enables a comprehensive investigation and assessment of the consequences of climate change and utilization pressure. This research is the basis for recommendations for action for the protection and sustainable use of the German coastal seas.

In KüNO, products are developed that are made available for use by offices and authorities or service companies. In this way, KüNO brings objective and independent information at the cutting edge of research into practice. As we are currently targeting mainly German players, these products are not available in English.


Project flyers

To provide interested persons with a condensed overview, the KüNO projects BluEs and SeaStore developed project flyers that can be downloaded here.

Project flyer BluEs (German)      Project flyer SeaStore (German)    Poster BioWe (German)    Poster about KüNO III projects (German)

Fact sheets

KüNO's collaborative projects conduct research at interfaces to socially relevant aspects. The current state of research on these overarching topics is summarized in fact sheets. While the topics "Sustainable Fisheries" and "Multiple Stressors" are planned for the second and third project year, respectively, you can download the brochure on sea level rise on the German Baltic Sea coast and coastal development in climate change here:

Download Brochure "Meeresspiegelanstieg an der deutschen Ostseeküste - Küstenentwicklung im Klimawandel" (German)

Information material of the projects

Poster about the survey in Ahrenshoop (ECAS-BALTIC, in German)

Broshure about the survey in Ahrenshoop (ECAS-BALTIC, in German)