Participation fees

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Regular Registration
  3 day participation
150 € 200 €
  1 day participation only on 9 Nov, 2022
75 € 100 €
  3 day participation for students
100 € 150 €


Participation without own contribution

We look forward to your participation, even if you do not present an own contribution. Learn about the latest developments in coastal research and meet interesting discussion partners. Simply register for the symposium using the link below by 15 October, 2022.


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Registration & Abstract submission

We invite you to submit contributions to the 3rd Coastal Symposium "Coast in Transition 2022". Please select focus topic and format for your contribution and submit an abstract by 14 August. The following focus topics can be selected:

A) Nature based coastal adaptation: This topic covers research into combating climate change and the consequences of climate change on the coasts. This includes measures to combat sea level rise and protect against extreme events as well as the renaturation of ecosystems such as seagrass meadows and coastal peatlands.

B) Sustainable fisheries: This focus topic includes research that addresses the impacts of climate change on fisheries and develops strategies for coastal fisheries to adapt to the new conditions. In addition, sustainable fishing methods that can reduce negative impacts on other organisms are also considered here.

C) Multiple stressors: This topic summarizes studies that examine the cumulative impact of stressors, caused by climate change or human use, on coastal life. In addition, options for action that balance protection and use of coastal seas are developed here.

You can choose from three different presentation formats:

1) Short pitches: On the Stakeholder Day (Day 1), research projects, as well as new research ideas, will be presented in a fast-paced and varied manner in 4-minute pitches. There will be one session for each of the three focus topics A, B and C, consisting of a keynote speech and several pitches. Sufficient time for subsequent discussions will be scheduled. The pitches should be presented in German.

2) Scientific presentations: A more in-depth look at research can be presented in the 12-minute scientific presentations on Days 2 and 3. Again, there will be three sessions divided according to the focus topics, one after the other (no parallel sessions). Time will be given for discussion of each presentation. The scientific presentations will be held in English.

3) Posters: Those who would like to present their topic, whether project, question or method, in a poster can do so in German or in English. It is also possible to exhibit two posters (Day 1: German, Day 2&3: English). In this case, the abstract should be in German. Otherwise it should be prepared in the presentation language. A poster session will be held on day 1 and day 3. The format for the posters is portrait with a size of 85 x 120cm (A0).

Please register for the symposium first to receive a link to the abstract submission. Detailed program planning will be done after the scientific committee has reviewed all submitted contributions. A program outline can be found here. Feel free to include an alternative session with your submission. All contributors will be informed by 23 Sep whether their contributions can be considered in the program and will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare them. If your participation is dependent on whether an abstract is accepted, payment of participation fees may be suspended until 30 Sep, 2022, and participation may be cancelled free of charge by the same date.


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Terms of condition & cancellation

The participation fee includes attendance at talks, workshops and the evening event as well as break catering during the selected event period (including dinner). The deadline for early bird registration is 30 Sep, 2022, and the deadline for registration is 15 Oct, 2022.

Each participant is invited to present a contribution (pitch, scientific talk or poster). Please submit your abstract by 14 August, 2022. Later submissions cannot be considered.

After registration, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to abstract submission and payment information. Deadline for payment is 30 Sep (Early Bird registration) or 20 Oct, 2022 (Regular registration).

Cancellations of participation are free of charge until 30 Sep, 2022, with full refund of paid fees. For cancellations between 1 and 15 Oct, 2022, 75% of paid fees will be refunded. After that date, no paid fees can be refunded. Cancellation must be sent to the Organization Office in writing. In case of cancellation of the event by the organizers, e.g. due to Corona, all paid participation fees will be refunded.

The number of participants is limited by the capacity of the venue. The organizers reserve the right to refuse registrations if the event is full. The 3rd Coastal Symposium "Coast in Transition 2022" will be photographed and/or recorded, and the organizers reserve the right to use the footage for marketing and project purposes. However, if you do not wish to be shown in photographs or videos, please notify the Organization Office in writing prior to the event.

The organizers of the 3rd Coastal Symposium "Coast in Transition 2022" are committed to data protection and to protecting your personal data. The organizers will use your personal data for administration purposes and to send you relevant information related to the event. In addition, your name and affiliation will be used for the list of participants of the 3rd Coastal Symposium "Coast in Transition 2022".